Supplier Portal

Connect with your suppliers and maintain strong relationships.

Unified Supplier Management

Strong supplier relationships are critical to the success of a business, but these relationships can be complicated and fraught with risk and uncertainty.

The ActiveWorx Supplier Portal digitizes and standardizes supplier onboarding and management to provide businesses significant operational and strategic benefits that provide an edge in today’s competitive business environment.


24/7 Accessibility

One of the most compelling features of a supplier portal is that it empowers suppliers to provide necessary information, chat with the buyer, submit invoices, check the status of invoices and payments, and update their information whenever they want.

Supplier Registration

The ActiveWorx Supplier Portal guides a supplier through the information they need to provide or update. Shifting the responsibility for submitting data to the supplier eliminates the need for the buyer to rekey data, reducing the possibility of mistakes.

Automated Verification

Our supplier portals verifies information submitted by suppliers against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanction list and other sources to ensure laws and compliance regulations are met. Bank account numbers can also be verified.

Intelligent Dashboards

Our supplier portal eliminates the calls and emails from suppliers and stakeholders about the status of things by putting configurable insights at a user’s fingertips.

ERP Integration

Data submitted through a portal is synchronized with legacy systems.

How It Works


This module offers the ability to register to use all the functionality of online management, such as updating firmographic and banking information. This solution component also typically provides other critical administrative functions, such as authorized users, contact information, and tax information. 

KYC Validation

The ability to validate suppliers for which the organization will upload invoices. This module ensures these suppliers do not appear on any “do not pay” lists and provides a certificate or “proof of certification” for suppliers.

Upload Portal

Automated or file upload capabilities make the invoice delivery process more efficient and electronic. This also allows real-time access to the status of invoices. That is, where invoices are in the approval and payment process.

The ActiveWorx Supplier Portal enables supplier/customer setup, authentication and management, compliant workflows for various forms (W9, W8, etc.), contact information, payment preferences, supplier/customer portal access, and onboarding services for KYC/KYS forms. Suppliers can view the status of invoices and send inquiries online, enhancing service levels.

Key Benefits

Reduced costs by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks

Faster cycle times as processes keep moving, no matter where the staff work

Reduced risk of inadvertently opening a phishing email

Automation enables a business to scale efficiently without adding staff

Full transparency into all actions taken to onboard and manage a supplier

Actionable insights from all data on a single platform

Easier and better collaboration between suppliers and stakeholders

Improved supplier satisfaction and better supplier retention

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