Accounts Receivable Automation

Automate your entire workflow from invoice to cash, the right way.

AR Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation

You need a tool that will help your organization meet the rapidly increasing challenges of delivering invoices for payment, receiving those payments promptly, and managing the impact on cashflow caused by delays. That’s where ActiveWorx Accounts Receivable Automation comes in. ActiveWorx offers: 

Invoice Creation

ActiveWorx provides businesses the ability to create and present electronic invoices using a secure, self-service access point for their customer to review bills and make payments.

Delivery Optimization

Advanced technology dynamically identifies ways to reduce postage metering and classification costs, enabling you to go paperless and positively impact your cash flow.


ActiveWorx Accounts Receivable Automation allows customers to have real-time visibility throughout the entire process. Customers can check the status of receivables anytime, anywhere.

Faster Cash Receipts

ActiveWorx eliminates order to cash process silos to accelerate the receipt of payment.

Electronic Invoice Presentment

Electronic Invoice Presentment brings efficiency and traceability to the invoice-to-cash process by automating and optimizing the creation and presentment of invoices to an organization’s large customer base.

Precision Payments

Execute payments with ease with Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment. ActiveWorx Payment Automation connects business to payment networks and banks, helping to automate the AR process.

Why Automate With ActiveWorx

Efficiency & Traceability

With multiple digital transformation options (direct entry, email, upload), the ActiveWorx Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment solution vastly improves the speed and accuracy of invoice delivery and payment receipt, all of which drives down the average collection period.

Improve Cash Flow

Accelerating the receipt of payment improves cash flow for CFOs, controllers, AR managers, and other financial professionals.

Cost Reduction

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment replaces paper invoices and checks to significantly reduce costs with an eco-friendly, sustainable service.

Safe, Secure & Flexible Payment Options

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment enables our clients to securely offer multiple payment methods to their customers, making it safer and easier to receive payments from across their complexity of business lines, companies, and organizations.


By automating your accounts receivable process and going paperless, you save not only paper, but water, trees, energy, and more.

Customization & Branding

The ActiveWorx portal and payment experience are fully customizable and brandable to meet your business needs.

Enhance Customer Experience

Ensure that invoices reach your customers, even if they are working remotely.

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