Our Company

ActiveWorx is a leading provider of Intelligent Financial Transaction Management and Business Process Automation. Our robust platform, ActiveWorx, has successfully transformed business operations for leading clients within banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics sectors. among others.

ActiveWorx began as a consulting company for complex document management and workflow. We then developed critical skills in document capture and OCR, eventually transitioning to become an Intelligent Business Process Automation software company specializing in accounts payable automation and payments.

Today ActiveWorx processes high volumes of client invoices, moving them from a manual (or semi-manual) process to an automated one. It is not unusual for our clients to process hundreds of thousands of invoices per month - contributing to over 10 million transactions processed through ActiveWorx, representing more than $22B in accounts payable spending.

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Trust ActiveWorx’s expertise to help you reap the benefits of smarter capture and content management on a smarter platform, automating your transition to the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings of the Cloud.

Solving Challenges with Speed

ActiveWorx solves business process automation challenges with unrivaled speed.
Our flexible, highly configurable applications
enable you to quickly automate critical
internal processes while efficiently
supporting continued growth.

Reducing Time to Value

Experience the business value of ActiveWorx's robust products in as little as 30 days.
Our automation solutions will drive
immediate productivity benefits and
quantifiable ROI often within the first six
months following deployment.

IBM Gold Business Partner

As an IBM Partner and DBA Expert, ActiveWorx's engineers hold multiple advanced certifications.
For years we've held significant expertise
in products such as FileNet and Datacap
long before IBM acquired them.

Our team of experience professionals offer unparalleled insight into how Intelligent Business Automation can help rapidly-expanding businesses most effectively meet their growth goals.