Accounts Payable Automation – Active AP

Automate your Accounts Payable Process

Don't let time-consuming manual processes and manual entry errors hold your business back!
Implementing an accounts payable automation solution can drastically improve the efficiency of your accounts payable processing. With our Active AP Accounts Payable (AP) Application, you can process invoice data digitally so that all document data is secured and traceable, as well as automate approvals for streamlined processing. You can even enable mobile approvals and viewing on-the-go in order to efficiently complete processing and track documents anywhere at any time making it the optimal invoicing software.


Enable straight-through
processing from capture to e-payment
of approved invoices


Intelligently route captured and secured invoices through your workflow process based on applied business and user rules

Approval Verification

Enable fulfillment of compliance standards, approval verification, and accessibility via our mobile app.

For over 25 years, ActiveWorx has been a recognized expert in the automation of accounts payable, financial transactions, and workflow. Our ActiveWorx solution platform digitally transforms businesses and drastically improves workflow processes for companies of varying sizes
and industries.

The ActiveWorx solution has three main applications, Active Mailroom, Active AP, and Active Payments, all of which work together to create a completely automated process. Active AP is optimal for automating business accounts payable processes and helps clients digitally transform their business processes.

Benefits of Active AP

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