Join the ActiveWorx Team

ActiveWorx is a specialty provider of Intelligent Business Process Automation built on the IBM FileNet platform. We seek talented and driven people to join us on our mission to deliver tangible and positive differences for our customers.

ActiveWorx is an equal opportunity employer that offers competitive salaries and benefits to those highly qualified individuals that make the cut. Please see below for our open positions and discover the different roles you could fill within our organization.

We hope you’ll join us!

ActiveWorx Culture & Values


We work together to bring our passions and expertise to make ActiveWorx the best it can be.

We are one team, and everyone has a voice. We value the experience and ideas of every employee and we look for ways to collaborate across different levels in the company. As an emerging growth company, we often work in collaborative teams that include different members of the executive team. It is not uncommon to have the CEO contribute directly to a customer’s design or to have a support specialist collaborating with the quality assurance group or supporting a sales call.

Find A Better Way

Never accept that what we did last week is our best.

As an innovative company, we rely on all team members, including those with little experience to contribute a fresh perspective on our product and processes. Collaboration among team members is the key to finding the right solution that works best for our company and customers.


Respect & Trust

We value the talent, time, and intentions of everyone we work with.

An essential part of innovation is respect and trust. Our team needs to understand that it’s ok to fail. If we don’t experience failure every so often, you aren’t pushing yourself enough. We encourage our team to push outside their comfort zone, knowing that a mistake will not result in severe repercussions. We listen to you (though we may not always agree) and value your thoughts and opinion. We respect diversity and what that brings to the table. We respect that you are a professional, and while we hold people accountable, we hold them to an appropriate standard. Most of all, we respect who you are inside and outside of work.


Say what we are going to do, and then do what we say.

In our team environment, each person is held accountable to meet our customers’ business goals and objectives. We set goals, timelines, and every team member is dedicated to the quality and timeliness of the outcome in everything we do.

Customer Success

Our growth is based on mutual success.

When our customers and our employees grow, we grow. We take great pride in our long-term customer relationships, and we are continually striving to improve the value we provide to them. The world moves fast, and our technology and deployment processes must continuously evolve to stay relevant in our customers’ eyes.

Family First

Your personal life is yours; make the most of it.

At ActiveWorx, you will work hard, but we also value work-life balance. We expect you to place family and community first. Life’s too short to let work dominate every aspect of your life.