Intelligent Automation Applications

ActiveWorx’s comprehensive suite of intelligent automation financial application and
tools are offered as added functionality whenever you need it.

Finance & Accounting

Expense Management:

Track, verify, and validate travel
and expense-related documents,
including advance receipt management.

Requisition Management:

Manage purchase requisitions
through an approval and
oversight process.

Use Tax Management:

Select, manage, and route invoices
for Use Tax Audit, compliance, and
tax audit presentation management.

Journal Entry Management:

Manage recurring journal entries
with excel upload, approvals
and integration to the ERP.

Case Management:

Manage compliance, safety
and security issues
across the enterprise.

Document Workflow:

Integrated document management
and process automation for
non-invoice documents.


Supplier Portal:

Supplier management
and on-boarding with
dynamic discounting.

Vendor Management:

Manage vendor payment
enablement, workflows, and
“know your customer” data.


Advanced Search:

Find any document at
any time. Search
against multiple criteria.

IBM Navigator:

Full access to IBM’s
powerful content
navigator platform.

Reporting and Analytics:

Use the power of Microsoft
PowerBI for analytics,
reporting, and dashboard.

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