Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Business

Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Business

How many times have you heard the term AI (artificial intelligence) over the last few years? Even if you are unfamiliar with this technology, most likely you have heard the term and perhaps were at least curious about it.

But what does AI mean? How can intelligence be considered artificial? Most importantly – why should you care?

If you are involved in business process operations, you’ll absolutely care about AI and its future, and here’s why. AI is more than just technology – it’s technology that enables you to work more efficiently, run smooth business operations, and create a more effective, happier work environment for you and other employees!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a human-created form of technological intelligence that can store data in its memory to learn, automate, perform, and correct different tasks – including automating digital processes. It is paired with other technologies, such as machine learning, to expand its capabilities for more complex solutions.

63% of businesses say pressure to reduce cost will require them to use AI, according to a 2019 ZoomInfo report. 54% of executives say AI solutions are already implemented in their business and have increased productivity. Wait a minute…businesses are saving money and are more productive? How is that possible? Well, they implemented technology to help them succeed -which is exactly the result they achieved.

AI-driven solutions have proven benefits which may include cost savings and greater efficiencies in time and accuracy. If these benefits aren’t enough to convince you of AI’s powers, then consider this – According to ZoomInfo, 83% of businesses say AI is a strategic priority for them today. In order to stay competitive, businesses can implement an AI solution quickly. If not implemented already, AI is on the agenda for many organizations. If it’s not on your agenda, perhaps it should be. 

Say goodbye to mundane, repetitive tasks and hello to critical, real-value work. Free your talent and ideas with the power of AI and Automation. 

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