ActiveWorx Automation Platform

Power Transformation Applications

Active Mailroom
Intelligent Document Capture

Capture, OCR, classify and route from the
point of origin without the need form manual
input or human processing.

Active AP
Accounts Payable Automation

Sophisticated automation of receipt-to-pay
process for all personnel involved in invoice
accounting, review, audit and approvals.

Active Payments
Payment Optimization

Execute and manage optimal payment
processing, check print/mail, ePayments
and cash management.

5,000 to 500,000+ Invoices Per Month

For over 25 years, ActiveWorx has been a recognized expert in accounts payable automation for the enterprise business. Our ActiveWorx Solutions digitally transform your business and drastically improve AP processes for companies of varying sizes and industries.

Whether your organization processes 5,000 or 500,000+ invoices per month, automating AP with ActiveWorx can reduce costs, improve cash flow, and enhance vendor relationships.

Many leading companies have enjoyed the following benefits by choosing ActiveWorx for accounts payable automation.

To complement the core ActiveWorx Apps, choose from a comprehensive set of business apps and tools for enhanced financial transaction automation and management:

Expense Management

Requisition Managemnt

Document Workflow

Journal Entry Management

Advanced Search

Supplier Portal

Incident Management

IBM Navigator

Reporting & Analytics

Vendor Management

Case Management

ActiveWorx offers one of the most sophisticated Accounts Payable Automation Solutions
available on the market. A system of configurable applications intelligently automate
the entire process from invoice receipt through payment.

How ActiveOps Works

1. Document Capture and OCR

High volumes of invoices and documents are received from multiple vendors and locations in varying formats (paper, fax, email attachments, EDI, etc.). They are all scanned and stored for intelligent data extraction and “fingerprinting” using Active Mailroom’s enhanced artificial intelligence technology–effectively removing any customer data entry or manual data processing requirements.

2. Validation

The invoices are first validated into a secure digital format for AP processing. Active AP then processes the invoice data.

3. Matching

Invoices are then compared against applicable documents (e.g., P.O.s, vendor files, receipt of goods, etc.), which verify their validity and accuracy. According to predetermined rules and workflow, invoices are routed to the next step in the process.

4. Exceptions

If there are no exceptions, invoices are automatically approved, posted to the appropriate General Ledger account, and ready to pay. Any exceptions are queued up to the ActiveWorx Team first, and if necessary, then to the appropriate AP processor for resolution and approval processing.

5. Approval

For invoices not automatically approved, they are either approved or routed by the AP processor for higher authority approval. Once approved, invoices are posted to the appropriate G/L account and ready for payment.

6. Payment

Once an invoice is approved and ready to pay, Active Payments facilitates and optimizes payment, allowing selection of the preferred payment processor, method of payment (e.g. check, ACH, wire, vCard, etc.) and timing of payment. Once the payment is executed and cleared, it is reconciled with the accounting system.

7. Archival

Finally, invoice and related information is archived for audit capabilities and compliance.

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