Intelligent Document Capture with Active Mailroom

Digitally Transform your Business with Active Mailroom

Active Mailroom, a core application and service within ActiveWorx, provides intelligent document capture with sophisticated document classification and optical character recognition capabilities. It is an advanced digital mailroom that captures high volumes of paper and digital documents from multiple sources, including email, FTP, multi-functional printers, scanners, web folders, and mobile devices.

Multi-Source Document Capture

Capture invoices from
email, mobile, scanners,
printers, paper and more into
a limitless digital mailroom


Our enhanced artificial intelligence technology interprets the data in each invoice via a digital image and inputs data into an electronic form

Process & Secure

The data is then classified and secured into machine memory for future use, and the document is ready to be processed

Automate to Next

The data is pushed to
processing. Any exceptions are reviewed/resolved by the ActiveWorx Support team for completion

Active Mailroom is a fully supported web service that integrates disparate business processes and systems from an easy-to-access cloud platform. Capture, OCR, Classify, and Route from the point of origin without the need for manual data input.

The Most Advanced Technology with Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

Most intelligent document capture, OCR and classification processes require a great deal of manual interaction. Often more than 50% of the time is to manage exceptions and eventually train the system.

Active Mailroom's enhanced artificial intelligence uses a combination of machine learning, structured rule definitions, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and exception management to significantly reduce the amount of human interaction required.
Should there be an exception, the ActiveWorx service team will take care of it for you. Mailroom will also learn the change for future instances - eliminating an immense amount of exceptions, human interaction, and manual errors.

Key Benefits

The foundation for
process automation

Intelligent Document Capture, Sophisticated classification and OCR

input solution

Enhanced AI and
exception management

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